My Favourite Travel Inspired Dishes: Part 1 – Cinnamon Brioche French Toast

So, it’s been a while! I’ve been on maternity leave for just over a year, and have been doing plenty of traveling, but not much writing! It’s now the Easter break, when I’d planned to get back into the swing of things, as my daughter should be in nursery some days, but corona had other plans! I’ve been back at work officially for four weeks, although the last two of them I’ve spent teaching from home. I’m also trying to tame a wild one year old who doesn’t understand why she spent two weeks at nursery and now is home with us 24/7 and can’t see her friends or grandparents!

I’m also not feeling very inspired to write about travel when there is nowhere to go! So I went food shopping yesterday and bought lots of things that we don’t eat very often but that I love, and when E and I sat down to breakfast this morning, it gave me an idea for a series of posts based on my own variations of some of my favourite dishes from my travels.

Three years ago this week we were on our honeymoon in the USA, we spent a week in New York, followed by a few days in Niagara and then we flew down to Orlando for a week at Universal. My Facebook memories are full of pics from this amazing trip right now, and it’s making me pretty sad, so this morning I decided to create my own version of my favourite breakfast dish ever, the cinnamon raisin brioche french toast that I ate pretty much every day at the Conrad New York Downtown and I thought I’d share it with you!

This is what the original looks like:

breakfast NYC

And my version, which looks a little overcooked!



Ingredients (makes 4)

4 x choc chip brioche rolls (or any kind of brioche)

2 x eggs

dash of vanilla essense

dash of milk

Ground cinnamon

1 x Banana (strawberries garnished the original)



Butter for frying



Beat the eggs and then mix in the milk, cinnamon and vanilla

Slice the brioche rolls and spread nutella on one side of each (or both if you’re feeling indulgent!), slice the banana into quarters and place on the brioche. Press down and flatten the brioche slightly – this will help it stay together as it cooks!

Put the butter in a frying pan whilst you place the brioche into the egg mixture and allow it to absorb. I used a fork to make a few holes in the brioche to help it soak up more egg.

When the butter is foaming, place your brioche in the pan and reduce the heat. Cook on one side until golden and then flip over to cook the other side.

I served mine with mascapone, but you could have it without, or with anything you’ve got in the fridge/cupboard.

As my one year old was having one of the rolls, I didn’t put any nutella in hers. I thought the choc chips in the brioche were enough chocolate for one breakfast!


I didn’t decide to make this into a blog post until after I’d started eating, so there aren’t any pics of the cooking process! Please share your pics on social media if you have a go!

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